A food garden

to be proud of

There is something uniquely satisfying about harvesting fresh, home grown organic produce straight from your very own garden. Nothing else compares. 

Fresher, healthier, affordable and sustainable - growing old variety heirlooms you won't find on supermarket shelves is not only a blast - it's good for the soul. 

So whether you're a plant whisperer or a certified "brown thumb" - we'll have you growing consistent and delicious organic harvests in no time. 

To Be proud of
You do the growing

We do the work

You do the growing

Has your veggie patched underwhelmed in the past? 

Life too busy to get the garden in shape each season?

We've got your back.

Each season,  our expert team carefully plans a personalised grow kit specifically for your local conditions - packed with a hand selected mixture of delicious, old variety organic heirlooms - plus the tools and information you'll need to grow them through to harvest. 

Less stress, more success, and more fun. 

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What's inside your

Little Seedy box

At $55 per season, your personalised Seedy Box is a pretty darn efficient way to grow organic produce from home

Hand crafted for your conditions, your seasonal growers kit is packed with the following goodies 

1) Eight heirloom fruit, vegetable and herb species - sourced locally from certified organic farms 
2) 16 organic seed starting coir pods for easy and effective seed starting
3) Detailed grow notes for each species 
4) A quality 7 litre fabric grow bag to add to your expanding collection 
5) Organic worm poop to supercharge your crop
6) Matched recipes for harvest time
7) Our seed starting and organic growers guide for newcomers, plus seasonal notes and learning points  

Little Seedy box

"We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us."

Jenny Uglow


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Grow your skills

Find support and advice in our growers group, and hone your skills with regular tutorials and tips from the Little Seedy team. 


Fruit, vegetables and herbs begin to lose nutritional value almost immediately once picked. Eating from your own garden provides the highest nutritional value possible - and tastes better too.

You'll also reduce exposure to pesticides and herbicides - of which the long term effect on health remains and unclear.