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Bamboo Cloche - Set of 2


 These are a godsend for the gardener who wants a convenient, effective way to shelter and protect their plants - one that looks great too. 

These stunning, handwoven bamboo cloche's are multifunctional. 

- Prevents birds, possums and other scavengers from snacking on your young plant or seedlings

- Creates a sheltered microclimate to support growth. Use moss or newspaper to line the inside in frost prone areas.

- Can be transferred around the garden in moments

Made fair trade, ethically sourced.

Set of 2 (note - three cloches shown in the picture. The smallest size pictured is not included in this set of 2) 

1x medium bamboo cloche (40cm diameter)
1x large bamboo cloche (50cm diameter)

Please Note. Due to size this item is not included in the free shipping over $100 category.

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