Come home to your very own garden supermarket, all year round.

As one of our "Seedy Growers", each season you can look forward to receiving a hand selected collection of organic heirloom edibles to grow - plus the tools, information and support consistently. 

Let the Little Seedy growing team do the legwork - sourcing interesting, varied and quality heirloom species that'll excite and challenge you each season, chosen specifically for your climate - then use our germination pods, grow guides, grow bags and worm tea to get your seasonal crop underway! 

As your crop takes shape, visit our online growers community online to track your progress, share your successes, and reach out for help when things aren't going to plan - your fellow growers are here to help. 


How to join 

Four times a year (prior to each new season) we accept new members into our growers group. 

Membership can be in the form on a season to season subscription (no lock in contracts - cancel anytime) or a prepaid membership. 

One you've joined, you'll access our growers group, and receive your first box at the start of the new season - in this case, Autumn boxes are sent out at the start of March 2020. 

Inside our Seedy Boxes

Each season, you'll discover the following goodies below within your organic growers box



1) Eight organic heirloom seed varieties - chosen for your climate 


One of the most critical aspects of successful food gardening is growing species which suit your growing conditions, and planting them at the right time.

We use our experience and expertise to source quality heirloom varietals which will grow well in your local climate each season. We use only local, Australian and certified organic farms to supply our seeds. 

You'll be intrigued and challenged with a varied mix of old heritage heirlooms - including fruits, herbs, vegetables and flowers - and which are open pollinated, meaning you can save seed for next year too!  


2) Detailed growing notes 

For every heirloom species you receive, you'll get matching grow cards to guide you through planing, caring for and harvesting each variety. 

From position, planting depth, companions, through to fertilisation, pollination and common pests - we'll arm you with the tools you need to give your plants the best chance of success. 


3) A 7 litre fabric grow bag

Not everyone is blessed with large gardens. In each grow box, you'll find a quality fabric grow bag to build your collection - great for holding a variety of plants. The fabric supports good root structure and temperature regulation, and is lightweight and easy to clean. 


4) Organic coir pods for seed propagation

We know life is busy - and want you to be able to get your crop started from day 1 when receiving your grow box. 

Pot and germination medium in one, these cute little pods are made from sustainable coir (from the husk of coconut shells), and are wrapped in a biodegradable netting. Simply water, watch them swell like magic - and plant! 

Coir is an excellent host for new seeds, and young seedlings can be transplanted into your grow bags or garden without shock - simply plant the whole plug as is. 

A real hit with the kids too. 




5) Organic worm casts for worm tea - the secret elixir of the garden

We're not joking. If you're not using worm casts and worm tea in the garden, you're missing out.

Made from the "poop" of red wriggler worms, worm casts are biodiverse, composted goodness packed with nutrients, minerals beneficial microbes. 

Scientifically proven to improve harvests, soil structure and disease resistance in plants. 

A must have for any serious food gardener. Worm tea recipe including in our growers guide. 



6) Our growers guide

With your first box, receive our growers guide - a complete resource to effective planting, soil preparation, plant care and more. 




7) Matched recipes for harvest

Your hard work has paid off! Delicious, home grown organic fruit, vegetables and herbs, ready for harvest!

Now it's time to put them to good use. In every box, we include our favourite recipes featuring the varieties of foods grown by you that season - bon appetite!




8) Membership to our growers club 

Join our online growers group, where you'll have access to support, encouragement and advice from your fellow growers - plus regular tutorials and tips from the Little Seedy team.