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The Seedy Growers Club - 12 month prepaid membership (Save 10%!)


Sign up for 4 seasons worth of organic garden goodness at 10% off the price of our seasonal subscription membership.

Seedy yearly prepaid membership packs incredible value - enough organic heirloom seed to keep your garden busy all year long, picked for you climate and delivered to your door at the right time for planting - plus four rounds of coir germination pods, grow bags, worms casts, growing materials, recipes - plus access to our online growers group - for only $216 ! Woo!




Winter is just a few weeks away, and we've put together another bumper lineup of organic heirlooms for your food garden, no matter where you live in Australia!

We only take new members for two weeks, four times a year - so don't miss out!

In addition to your eight varietals of hand selected heirloom organic fruit, herb, vegetable and flower seeds, each season you'll also receive your grow bag, propagation pods, organic worm casts, growing notes, recipes and grow guides - plus membership to our private growers community.

Ready to get planting this Winter?



Our yearly prepaid membership is our most cost effective option at 10% less than our season to season membership.
Please note, at the conclusion of your year (four seasonal boxes) your membership does NOT automatically renew. We will however email you at this time to let you know your membership has expired, and to invite you to purchase again if you wish.
Our refund and cancellation policy can be found here


Selecting your climate zone is easy - simply locate yourself on our climate zone map, and determine which coloured zone you lie in (Larger image available in product photos and at the bottom of this page).

If you're unsure, take your best guess and make a note for us in the order comments to check your zone - we'll make sure you've selected the right one.

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Determining your climate zone

Use the following map to identify your growing climate - use this when making your selection above.

#Note for WA and TAS customers, please select "WA" or "TAS"

TROPICAL: Hot humid summer. Warm winter. The primary area extends across the north of Australia from Canarvon through Port Hedland, Broome, Darwin and Cairns, and south to Townsville.

SUBTROPICAL Warm humid summer. Mild dry winter. Includes the eastern seaboard from Mackay south through Coffs Harbour and central coast. Also includes coastal WA from approximately Geraldton to just south of Carnarvon. It is a mild climate, with low winter rainfall and reliable summer rainfall.

TEMPERATE : Includes Inland Queensland, some NSW tableland areas and the coastal region south of Sydney. Also includes much of southern coastal Australia from Melbourne, Adelaide through to Perth. Rainfall is predominantly in winter with a low summer rainfall. The summer is warm but with a low humidity.

COOL: Mild or warm summer, cold winter. Includes high areas of the NSW Northern Tablelands, Southern Tablelands, Canberra/ACT, VIC and most of Tasmania. Spring is a pivotal event and the summer growing season is short.